Web Strategy Consulting

Let me guide you on the next steps of your digital strategy.

I offer 17+ years of expertise in web technology and software development.

Are you just starting out with a small business? Perhaps you are uncertain of the best way forward in the development of your online strategy. Let me help you get started in the right direction.

I offer my expertise in web development and digital strategy to help you make the right choices for the online future of your business.

Initial Consultation - Free

We start by meeting either virtually or in person to simply get to know each other and define the future of the business relationship. During this time we will identify the direction you hope to take your online presence and identify areas where I might be able to help. We will also use this time to negotiate the hours and billing rate that we will both agree to.

Typical Contract - Negotiated Monthly Time and Cost

Once we have agreed that I can be of help to you, we will discuss contract hours and cost. I typically bill clients on a monthly retainer basis. We would agree to a set number of hours per month for a set rate.

Areas In Which I Can Help

  • Modernization of your web strategy
  • Server deployment and configuration
  • Complete web application development
  • Site customization and enhancement
  • Site repair
  • Site moving

Next Steps

If you would like help in one of these areas, or some other aspect of your online presence, why not send me a note asking for an initial consultation. If you are local to the Fraser Valley, I'd be happy to meet and discuss your needs further. Otherwise we could discuss things virtually at a time that works best for you.